My parents are in the purebred business and I realized that breeders spend thousands of dollars on advertising each and every year. Of course advertising is essential because without it you would have no interest in your bulls. I recognize the fact that magazines and newspapers have a legitimate reason for charging extra for colour, per word, and the general size of the ad. The great thing about Bull Trader is you are simply charged per bull. This allows you put a picture and tell a potential buyer everything there is to know about your bull, whether it be epd's, birthweight, weaning weight, how to get in contact with you, and etc, without paying any extra.

In recent years a new trend has been developing and it is the shift to ecommerce. People are looking for more convenient ways to get the products they want. Many businesses have realized the internet's potential and have offered many products and services online. I have realized the trend and have not only taken the business opportunity, but I hope to establish a mutual and beneficial relationship with breeders. I want to make advertising much more affordable without reducing interest in a breeders' bulls.


Wanting to advertise through this site? It is as simple as clicking on the contact link and requesting our pricing chart.